September 23 Presbytery Meeting Minutes

UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Page 2017 – 43 CHINOOK PRESBYTERY MEETING September 23, 2017 St. Andrews United Church, Moose Jaw, SK


Abbey/Lancer/Port Reeve Salesi Takau Sandra Watson
Assiniboia Marilyn Leuty Bette Malesh
Allison Karst
Borderlands Marilyn Leuty Carla Yost
Climax Shelby Kinrade
Grasslands Eunkyu Ji Charlene Orr
Hazel Blake
Gull Lake Nora Rudolph
Lafleche/Limerick Duane Filson
Maple Creek Doug Haroldson
Moose Jaw: Minto Neil Colmin
Moose Jaw: St. Andrew’s Jim Tenford Karen Mundt
Moose Jaw: Trinity
Moose Jaw: Zion Tim Ellis Darleen Stewart
Mortlach Marilyn Forbes
Mossbank Wendy Gibson David Gibson
New Venture Laura Balas
Pine Cree Herb Conrad Sharon Girard
Spirit Hills John Aitken
Swift Current: First Annette Taylor Adele Heise Linda Stumpf
Members at Large Geri Ball
Barbara Gilbert
Elaine Little
Retired Carolyn Conarroe
Neil Gilbert

The Meeting has a quorum.

CALL TO ORDER: Jim Tenford called the meeting to order at 9:55 am.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE TERRITORY: We are meeting today in the traditional territory of the Nakota, Lakota and Cree First Nations, an area more recently known as Treaty 4.

WELCOME TO VISITORS & NEWCOMERS: Welcome back to Catherine Christy also welcome to Nora Rudolph.

UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Page 2017 – 44 CHINOOK PRESBYTERY MEETING September 23, 2017 St. Andrews United Church, Moose Jaw, SK

Motion # 1 Tim Ellis and Andrew Hecker
That Wendy Gibson be appointed minute secretary for Chinook Presbytery effective

September 1, 2017. Carried.

Motion #2 Marilyn Leuty and Salesi
That the agenda be approved as outlined in the September 9, 2017 Executive
meeting minutes with the addition of information regarding the moderator’s visit to
Maple Creek. Carried.

Motion #3 Sandra Watson and Marilyn Leuty
That the minutes of the May meeting of Chinook Presbytery be approved as circulated.
Motion #4 Gerry Ball and Carolyn Conarroe
That the minutes of the June 8, 2017 meeting of Chinook Presbytery Executive be
accepted for information. Carried.
Motion #5 Carolyn and Doug Haroldson
That the minutes of the August 10, 2017 conference call of Chinook Presbytery
Executive be accepted for information. Carried
Motion #6 Tim Ellis and Andrew Hecker
That the minutes of the September 9, 2017 meeting of Chinook Presbytery Executive be
accepted for information. Carried.

List has been circulated and there was nothing that needed to be discussed.

Reminder that Remit #6 is regarding the One Order of Ministry proposal. Although all
ministry would fall under one title, there would remain 3 distinct pathways to ministry.
Remit #6 was defeated. Suggestion was made that perhaps this time of restructuring is not
the time to be also dealing with this matter and wondering how that might be conveyed to
General Council.

-Lunch Break-

Meeting resumed at 1:00 pm following lunch.
Request from Neil and Barbara Gilbert to leave early.

Catherine has recently returned from Korea as overseas missionary and will be living in
UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Page 2017 – 45 CHINOOK PRESBYTERY MEETING September 23, 2017 St. Andrews United Church, Moose Jaw, SK

Abbey. She is available to go to Pastoral Charges and other presbyteries to speak of her time
there. She gave a presentation complete with pictorial accompaniment.

Andrew Hecker took over as chair as Jim Tenford had to leave early.



Division of Mission:
• Salesi Takai reported on oversight visits.
• Elaine Little – did oversight visit to Camp Shagabec and reported that they have full camps and are doing wonderful things. They are seeing more special needs campers but that means more volunteers to work with them and means a need for accessible cabin(s).
• Encouragement from Linda Tomlinson-Seebach to find a way to meet as people of Chinook Presbytery even after presbyteries cease to exist.
• Future consideration to presbyteries to provide ministers to Pastoral charges through placement of foreign students who are studying at St. Andrews College.
• Adele Heise has volunteered to contact pastoral charges that got the technology packages last spring to see where they might need assistance and/or further training.
• Herb Conrad reminded us that Mission Support Grants, Manse Modernization, Technology grants etc. are still available so to contact him about any of these.
• Hoping that Jim Fletcher might be available to speak about Camp Shagabec’s program.
• Sandra Fowler is available for workshops and Catherine Christie for presentations.

Motion #7 Adele Heise and Marilyn Leuty
That Sun Lee be approved as a member at large of Chinook Presbytery. Carried.

• Conversations in Communities – 4 Saturdays in Moose Jaw beginning October 14 – bringing St. Andrew’s College speakers to deal with relevant topics.

Motion #8 – Adele Heise and Herb Conrad
That Chinook Presbytery provide up to 20 subsidies of up to $30 per session or $100 for
all four sessions for those who wish to attend St. Andrew’s College “Conversations in
Community” event on October 14, 21, 28 and November 4 but do not have the funds.
Applicants wishing to apply should send a letter to Tim Ellis, Corresponding Secretary.
UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Page 2017 – 46 CHINOOK PRESBYTERY MEETING September 23, 2017 St. Andrews United Church, Moose Jaw, SK

Motion #9 Linda Tomlinson-Seebach and Salesi Takau
To move the report of the division of mission. Carried.

Division of Ministry Personnel & Education:
Education and Students – nothing to report

Geri Ball – reported that skype and phone are now acceptable for supervision and other
meetings although it is recommended that some face-to-face meetings be held especially in
the initial stages. Geri has a list of 13 supervisors.

Marilyn Leuty – for pastoral charges that have pulpit supply on a regular basis (i.e. once a
month or over $500 per year) Revenue Canada requires that you give each person a T4 for
the amount of remuneration less the mileage. Not doing this could result in losing your
charitable status.

Carolyn noted that Zion United in Moose Jaw should be holding a covenanting service with
Tim. No details are available. Offerings at these services go towards a fund for lay people
to attend educational events.

Note: for those travelling for pulpit supply services – if it is -30 degrees, or roads are bad,
phone – if you are the pastoral charge phone the one to do the service or if you are the
person to do the service, call the pastoral charge.

Sacraments Elders are trained and authorized by presbytery and this is renewed yearly. It is
for your pastoral charge only and only until ministry is established in your pastoral charge.
Only ask United Church authorized people to preside at communion. DLMs – retired and
serving are authorized to preside at the sacraments within the bounds of Chinook Presbytery.

Motion #10 Carolyn Conarroe and Doug Haroldson
That Gull Lake Pastoral Charge withdraw from the Joint Search process and disband the
Joint Search Committee. Carried.

Motion #11 Carolyn Conarroe and Doug Haroldson
That Gull Lake Pastoral Charge be left vacant for a part-time supply. Carried.

Motion #12 Carolyn Conarroe and Annette Taylor
To accept the report of MP&E. Carried.

Division of Finance and Administration
John Aitken reported that the Financial Statement had been emailed for the end of August

Help is needed in this division.
UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Page 2017 – 47 CHINOOK PRESBYTERY MEETING September 23, 2017 St. Andrews United Church, Moose Jaw, SK

Motion #13 John Aitken and Andrew Hecker
That funds from Camp Capernaum be liquidated and dispersed to Camp Woodboia and Camp
Shagabec prior to the disbanding of Chinook Presbytery. A friendly amendment – that the
funds be distributed 50/50 Carried.

Motion #14 Aitken John and Barbara Gilbert
That the financial report be approved. Carried

Chaplaincy report was given by Carla Yost – see attached copy.
Motion #15 Carla Yost and Herb Conrad
That Carla’s report be accepted. Carried.

Doug Haroldson gave information regarding the Moderator’s visit to Maple Creek on Oct. 27
From 4-5:45 pm young people are invited to meet with her and at 6 pm there will be supper
of pizza and at 7 pm there will be a session with the Moderator She will also visit Camp
Shagabec and the Healing Lodge. RSVP by Oct. 23.

Sandra Watson played for “Take Up His Song”

Offered by Marilyn Leuty

Motion #16 Marilyn Leuty and Karen Mundt
That Chinook Presbytery Executive be empowered to carry on the business of the
Presbytery until the next full Presbytery Meeting on November 18, 2017. Carried.

Motion #17 Neil Gilbert and Jim Tenford
That the meeting be adjourned. Carried.


__________________________________ ___________________________________
Jim Tenford, Chair Wendy Gibson, Secretary




Chaplaincy Report – September 23, 2017 – submitted by Carla Yost

As you know with our last provincial budget, the government decided to do a lot of cutting and spiritual care at our Saskatchewan hospitals came under the axe. Many letters were written explaining holistic healing but the government were only concerned about finances. So, in the next six days, as of September 29th, the Spiritual Card departments will be closed. There will no longer be government funding for office space, Chaplains, support staff, parking, or any other assistance for spiritual care. There will be no patient lists and no identification badges, etc. the onus for spiritual care is to fall totally on the patient.
We, in Chinook Presbytery are fortunate that we, along with 3 other Presbyteries, mostly fund our Chaplain in Regina, Val Cottrill. On Wednesday, I learned that a temporary space has been found for her office within Lakeview United Church. Our Chaplaincy Board are working at getting special ID for her as well. The last word I hear about volunteer visitors is that the General Hospital will allow only the present small group of volunteers to continue to do their volunteer work.
On August 23rd a meeting was called and headed by the Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations representative for the Archdiocese of Regina to discuss the government cuts and to consider appropriate responses. Over seventy people attended, representing a broad and diverse group, the usual Christian groups but also Sikhs and Buddhists. From that meeting a working group will be established to continue conversations with the Government, the Health Authorities and the Faith Communities.
Now our Chaplaincy Board decided that we have to take some action immediately so one of our first concerns was that if the onus is on the patient, how does the patient or any member of their family get a hold of the Chaplain. The Board are having business cards made up and also sheets of paper similar to this one that will contain Chaplaincy information and a contact phone number. These sheets will come to us from the Conference Office and are to be given to all the churches for internal distribution so the information gets out in communities.
Chinook Presbytery pays a grant of something like $17,000.00 every year towards having a Chaplain and spiritual care services. That is no small amount. It is about 30% of the total accumulated Presbytery grant money coming from 4 participating presbyteries (us, Good Spirit, Twin Valleys and Wascana). But our people in Chinook are not using the service as much as we could be – often Chinook only receives about 10% of the visits and yet we are often some of the patients who have come the farthest to the hospital. There is a problem here – 30% of the money for only 10%. Maybe we are healthier and less of us should go to the hospital or maybe more of our patients are sent to Saskatoon and our money goes to Regina, or perhaps it is because people just don’t know about the service that is there for them. Please spread the word, distribute the information sheets when they come and encourage people to contact the Chaplain’s office. I would like all of you to jot down her phone number now wo that you have the information to help anyone who may need it. It is 306-551-7755.
So far this year from January to August over 618 people have received United Church visits. We can be proud that we are helping to make this happen and these people know we care about them.
Budget projections for 2018 are that our Chaplaincy allocation will increase, hopefully by only about $500.00 but time will tell.